Get Ready to Enjoy your Holidays in Dalaman

 Get Ready to Enjoy your Holidays in Dalaman


Dalaman is nestled on the Mediterranean coastal plains of the Dalaman Stream. This tiny but happening farming town offers some of the most astonishing backdrops of the Golgeli Mountains as well as the Aegean Sea. Dalaman is a popular holiday destination because it is bestowed with blue, crystal clear waters, amazing coves, green areas, small fishing villages, secluded bays as well as long stretches of sand. Its environment makes it an ideal place for those holidaymakers who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  


Ancient cities of Kaunos and Tlos


Ancient cities of Kaunos and Tlos make Dalaman a worth visiting place. These two regions are adorned with mesmerizing historic jewels such as ancient citadels, ruins, and exotic ancient architecture.


Explorers not only explore the ancient sites and resort towns in Dalaman, but also see and use traditional gulet (a traditional Turkish wooden sailing boat, now often used for holiday cruises.) to see the neighbouring islands.


Wealth of history, culture and natural wonders


There are many attractive places in Turkey near Dalaman such as Kaş, Kalkan and Sarigerme that have a wealth of history, culture as well as natural wonders. These amazing locations offer everything from mud baths, seaside towns, remarkable Mediterranean coastline, incredible antediluvian tombs, stunning beaches and wonderful wildlife habitat.  


Most people come to Dalaman to experience the expanse of the Aegean Sea, which offers some of the most exclusive and peaceful Blue Flag beaches. (According to wikipedia, the Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that a beach, marina or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its stringent standards.) These beaches are the perfect place to unwind in the tranquil ambiance. People enjoy sunbathing and soak up the dazzling Mediterranean environment. 


Fun and Adventure 


Adventure enthusiasts and holidaymakers enjoy non-stop paragliding, swimming, diving and many other adventure activities. They also discover the calm and secluded areas of the Turkish Riviera to have ultimate fun. The surrounding chain of majestic mountains also looks quite notable and hypnotise visitors.  


When in Dalaman, people never miss the stunning Cleopatra Island, which is a small island guarded by olive groves. The blanket of pine trees around the Cleopatra Island makes it a beautiful paradise in the Aegean Sea. No doubt, it is ideal for different types of beach activities and picnics with family and friends.


On top of that, Dalaman has an international airport, which serves the surrounding tourist areas and cut short the overall travel time of visitors. Traveller directly reaches here and rent a car at the Dalaman airport only to visit their favourite travel destinations.


So, are you ready to enjoy your holidays in Dalaman? 

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