Antalya and Kalkan: The Two Most Alluring Places to Visit in Turkey

Antalya and Kalkan: The Two Most Alluring Places to Visit in Turkey


It is a well-known fact that Turkey is one of the most engaging places to visit. It not only has a diverse cultural heritage, but also the most stunning (sun-kissed) environment that can mesmerise any visitor.


Neighbouring laid-back coastal villages as well as the expanse of three seas (the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea) make it one of the most wonderful places on earth. Not only nature lovers, but also chronicler, annalist, and archivist love to come here because it is home to the ruins of Ottoman Empire. 


Reasons to visit Turkey:


  • Historic Areas of Istanbul
  • Rock Sites of Cappadocia
  • Historic urban centres of Göbekli Tepe, Gordion, etc.
  • The Mausoleum in Halicarnassus
  • Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
  • Turkish Riviera
  • Lushly forested mountains
  • Exotic beaches and landscapes


Amazing places to explore in Turkey:




A real jewel and one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey it is the fifth-most populous one. People from across the globe drift here to see the magnificent Taurus Mountains as well as unprecedented beauty of the sparkling Mediterranean coast. Explorers choose day tours to visit the ruins of  Ottoman Empire, Turkish Riviera and Düden Waterfalls (a group of exotic waterfalls in the province of Antalya). They also move towards the most stunning and glorious TerraCity, Laura, SheMall, Snow World, Wildpark and Tünek Hill that are the prime centre of attractions.




Believe it or not, despite its small size, Kalkan is one of the most important tourist destinations. It is a delightful old fishing town that is known for its awesome landscapes and serene harbour, nestled between Kaş and Fethiye. Explorers come here to see the world famous white-washed houses as well as colourful bougainvilleas.  Don’t forget to wander at dusk at Kaputaş Beach…




Most explorers still believe that reaching such distant locations would be difficult; however, when it comes to transportation facilities, there are a great number of choices in Turkey. Most people choose rental cars to explore beautiful as well as far fetching areas. Car rental service companies provide high-end cars to improve the overall travelling experience of people. Whether you are in Antalya or Kalkan you can easily hire a car and make your excursion unforgettable. So, are you ready to see the alluring beauty of Turkey?

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